N.Z. Crop Care Ltd - Science our Future Suppliers of Potato bags, Onion Bags, Garlc Bags & Mesh Bags

Welcome to NZ Crop Care Ltd

We offer quality products for the grower, retail and wholesale markets. All enquires are welcome as
we are proud to turn your produce bags into 'A Work of Art' with NZ Crop Care's bag design and print

NZ Crop Care is a privately owned company based in Pukekohe, New Zealand. We have been
operating since December 1990, servicing the requirements of commercial and greenhouse growers,
turf and home gardeners.

In 2002 NZ Crop Care was the first in the country to manufacture and import the BOPP potato bag
offering our customers individuality for their product. Today we now have a range of over a dozen
different stock designs as well as designing over twenty custom designs for customers.

In 2009 the company expanded the range with the development of our paper bags and onion bags.

Potato bags

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